Work It Out Wednesday: At Home Chest Workout Edition

by Ashley on June 26, 2013

Happy Hump Day! How are ya today?! Good I hope! Today is a work day for me – hoping to get a lot accomplished with a Leg Day Workout in between… booooo. You all know how much I despise love leg day. Necessary though, so I do it!

Early morning breakfast was a green smoothie, overnight oats, and some Yerba mate.

But back to that workout…

Although I love the gym vibe and the motivation I feel once I get there, somedays I’m just not feeling it. Somedays, home is where the workout is. When we lived in Orlando, I didn’t visit a gym a single day. I was an at home workout junkie – I did P90X, Insanity, Jillian Michael’s videos and and other at home workouts. And although those did finally get a little old, they were the perfect answer to squeezing in a workout when time (or cash!) was limited.

Monday was the at home workout kind of day. We waited too late in the day to workout and we knew the gym would be packed. Have you ever tried to bench press at 5:30 pm? If not, I wouldn’t recommend it – unless your gym has about 10 or more benches that is!

This at home pushup workout created by the hub made me more sore than any gym day workout that I have done. It pushed my body and used muscles that I don’t normally use. We did a combo of TRX + pushups but if you don’t have TRX straps, don’t worry, the pushups are hard enough!

And just to note I did ALL of these on my knees (working on that!) and rested for 30 seconds to one minute between each set. All you will need is a chair or bench, a mat, and TRX straps if you have them!

At Home Chest Workout

1.  Explosive Pushups 5 x 10 (or as many as you can with good form)

{Photo Source}

2.  Incline Pushups 3 x 10 (or as many as you can with good form)

{Photo Source}

3.  Decline Pushups 3 x 10 (or as many as you can with good form)


{Photo Source}

4.  Diamond Pushups 3 x 10 (or as many as you can with good form)


{Photo Source}

5.  Pike Pushups 3 x 10 (or as many as you can with good form)

{Photo Source}

6.  TRX Incline Pushups 3 x 10 (or as many as you can with good form)

7.  TRX Chest Flies (superset 7 and 8, meaning do one and then the other and then rest, 3 x 10 - or as many as you can with good form)

{Photo Source}

8.  TRX Triceps (or as many as you can with good form)

{Photo Source}

And for cardio…30 seconds on, 30 seconds off  - jumprope for 10 minutes total.

As if you can’t tell by the exhaustion written all over my face, I’m spent!


For girls especially, I think one of the most important things is to be able to control your own bodyweight, something both bodyweight exercises like pushups and TRX can improve. And while I used to despise jumping jacks, I’m learning to like them a little more each week because the hub says it’s important to “stay athletic” and do athletic type movements rather than slow and controlled movements. He’s always righttttttt.

And as always, listen to your body, don’t push yourself too hard and consult your physician before beginning any workout program. I am not a certified personal trainer just an avid exerciser and weight lifter – what works for me, might not work for you and vise versa. Remember, as the hub taught me, proper form trumps reps and weight any day. Again, LISTEN TO YOUR OWN BODY.

Anyways, I hope you have an awesome Wednesday! My crazy pups are dying to get outside.

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Good health!



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