It’s not supposed to rain in the sunshine state!

by Ashley on February 3, 2010

These past few days have been rainy and bit gross, and this means no fun for Ashley and Boss, our almost one year old Boxer.  Boss and I like to spend most of the day outside, soaking up the January, now February, sun.  We walk and explore anything we can find.  Even though Boss is a great friend, he lacks any advice giving skills, therefore, I do a lot of thinking and walking and thinking and walking.

I’ve discovered that Monday’s are never fun.  The weekend’s over and it’s time to go back to reality.  Yesterday, the rain made the Monday even less fun.  I couldn’t walk Boss which means one crazy Boxer.  He runs around in circles, chewing up milk cartons, begging for attention.  It’s not supposed to rain in the sunshine state! The only true success about yesterday was…(wait for it)… Dustin got a hair cut! Finally! I’ve only been begging for weeks! So I guess Monday wasn’t so bad after all ;-)

Right now we live with an awesome couple that we met through the Braves; they have become our Orlando roommates. We have lived with them for the past 3 years down here.  It’s nice to have another girl to do girl things with, like watch the Bachelor. ;-)  Dustin acts like he doesn’t like it, and even went into our room while we watched it in the living room, but I think he secretly was watching it in there as he claimed he was “reading.” He ended up joining us for the “Rose Ceremony.”

Today the weather is a little better but still pretty wet, so Boss and I were able to spend a little time outside which makes us happy!

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