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by Ashley on September 12, 2013

Hello from the air, yet again! Like I mentioned yesterday, I’m headed to Minneapolis for the Healthy Living Summit! I am so excited to be apart of something so incredible. Going into this weekend, I decided to set a goal for myself and after a few minutes of thinking I decided on it: walk away knowing something that I didn’t know before. Now that seems vague, but I have so much to learn, therefore, I feel even if I learn only one new thing (which I know I will learn far more than that!), then it will be worth it! I cannot wait to share my experiences with you!

On to todays post!

Today I am joining in on fun and participating in The Lean Green Bean’s Pin It Party 3 (that photo is from the Party itself)!

First off if you’re not following me on Pinterest, you can do so here!

The rules were simple: round up 5 blog posts that I would like to see on Pinterest and write a short post featuring the post! If you already follow me than you know that many of my posts are already on Pinterest, but today I’ve included a few that are not and here they are!

1.  The Gypsy Dietitian’s Five Day Real Food Detox

Somehow I missed adding this post to Pinterest, but I would love to see it there! This post includes a link to my very own detox that I created in hopes to answer all of your questions regarding starvation cleanses and detox plans. This plan includes five days worth of research based detoxifying meals (in total, 25 meals, 5 snacks and 5 desserts), to help you feel your best, lose a few pounds, and regain energy!


Detox Button

2. Motivation Monday: Tips for Daily Motivation

This rather recent post highlights useful tips to help you stay motivated on a daily basis. What do I do to stay motivated? What do others do to stay motivated? Here are a few of the things that I came up with.


3. The Best (and easiest) Dessert I’ve Ever Had – Banana Soft Serve with a Chocolate Drizzle

An oldie but goodie!

Thought sweet had to come in the form of processed sugar? I did too. Until I gave this tasty treat a try!  With zero grams of added sugar, this sweet banana treat will satisfy every sweet tooth in sight!

Banana Soft Serve

 4. The Importance of Recovery Nutrition + A Recovery Smoothie Recipe (from the Trainlete blog)

This was actually a guest post that I wrote for Trainlete, but the tips and the recipe make it a post you don’t want to miss!

blank tan page-001

5. Black Bean Burgers (that actually hold their form!)

Anyone else tired of crumbly black bean burgers that loose their shape before they even leave the grill? Me too. This recipe is an answer to that problem!


There you have it, five Pin worthy posts that I’d love to see in Pinterest! Thanks to Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean for hosting such a fun party! Where would we be without Pinterest or The Lean Green Bean for that matter?! 😉

Are there any other posts that you think I should have included? Please share!

Have an awesome Thursday! Almost Friday!

Good health!

Name PS – just to note, I will be announcing the winner of the free Detox giveaway tomorrow so there is still time to enter! Check out how here.


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