We found a church!

by Ashley on August 23, 2011

Many of you know, one of the main reasons that I didn’t want to move back to Statesboro was because what I felt from my first experience here: the lack of a life for a Christian or really no church that I could call home.  While working on my first undergrad (2005-2008), I maybe went to church four times and all four of those times I always left asking, “Why can’t I find a church that I love?”   I would sit through the service, forcing my self to pay attention and would sing along to the songs just because I felt like I had to.  I missed what I knew a church could feel like.

When we lived in Orlando, we had it made.  We went to a church that Dustin and I both felt alive in, somewhere that just felt right.

First Baptist Orlando: huge and amazing

The time that we do spend in the Atlanta area, again, we have it made: we attend North Point Community Church.  I don’ know if there is a more awesome place in world.  So why was God sending us to a town, forcing us to miss out on all of this excitement?  Because this is right where He wants us.

Northpoint Community Church: Incredible

It may have taken us a year, but that’s okay, we found a church to call our temporary home and it’s called Connection Church.

My favorite part about any church service is always the music: mostly because that’s when I feel God the most.  If ever we When we are always running late, I frantically run around, begging Dustin to leave so that we can hurry up and not miss the music: his response always used to be, “It’s just the music. We will be just in time for the service.”  Now he knows that’s not a valid response.  For me, choosing a church is always based on the quality of the music.  I don’t want to be a part of a church where the people stand around, reading words off of the pages of a hymnal.  Coming from Northpoint and First Baptist Orlando (where artists like Kari Jobe are your worship leaders), my expectations may be a little high, but I want a concert every Sunday, something that Connection actually delivers.

So, how did we find this place after a year (or really about 5 years) of searching? Through God’s glory alone.

One night we were sitting around our living room with a few friends, all of which I assumed were Christians and had given their lives to the Lord. Bad assumption, Ashley, bad. Note: I’ll never do that again.  As we were all talking and sharing stories, one of my good friends said, “Do y’all go to a church here in Statesboro?”

…Let the saga begin…

I had to explain to her our story.  While yes, we often go to church, we haven’t found a place that we really love.  It’s hard to be motivated about going to church, when being there makes you feel less alive than being somewhere else.  I know that’s horrible to say but it was the truth.  It’s hard to be motivated about going to church when you can watch a better, more moving service online, like Northpoint does, from the comfort of your own couch.

I wish she would have shut me up immediately because the she was the one with the real story: she had been saved the previous week and was getting baptized the following day.  This was all because of the power that God has brought to life in this small Statesboro church, that still meets in the high school auditorium might I add.  What an awesome thing.

So needless to say, my happiness level in this town has increased tremendously and I now truly look forward to the time I get to spend there each and every Sunday morning with God.  He is so good!  If you’re in the Statesboro area, please check it out, you won’t regret it!

Sundays 10:45 in the Statesboro High Auditorium

I was in this town for so long without a place to call home and am so happy to finally have found the perfect place.  Patience is truly is a virtue.

So far, this week is off to a great start, four classes today that didn’t seem too bad (they always trick us on the first day though), and my first yoga class is tomorrow night! I’m getting nervous but I know I will love it and be fine once I get started!  I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

Good health!


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Christine Rigoni August 25, 2011 at 1:07 pm

Hey Ashley!

I just saw you pop up on my news feed this morning, and was blessed by your story. I am so happy that you and Dustin have found a church home. I know exactly what you mean – I never found somewhere to go in college, only attending very few times (before college I was at church every Sunday and Wednesday). I am so happy to have found my church home at Buckhead Church, and I wish y’all the best. I miss you and hope to see you soon! Love ya! :)


Ashley Harper Evans August 27, 2011 at 11:28 am

Hi Christine!

So great to hear from you! It’s tough living in a town when you feel this way, especially happily! I’ve never been to Buckhead Church but have been wanting to! I need to make it over there next time I’m home. I hope you are doing well! Miss you pretty girl! Thank you for your comment!



Brooke September 14, 2011 at 1:40 am

Hey Ashley!

Zach (my fiancé) and I started attending a church here in Savannah. Its LifeBridge Church and we recently found out that they have a strategic partnership with North Point Community Church! I knew I heard (or better yet saw) the name before. Read it in your blog! We are so happy to have found a church that fits us, its a laid back church where you just worship and feel relaxed.


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