Ready, Set…GO!

by Ashley on August 19, 2011

Is summer really over? TEAR.

Ready or not, the crazy wirl wind of this semester is beginning Monday! For me, it’s my second to last (really, this time) and for Dustin, it’s his last semester EVER! What an awesome feeling.

Am I ready? No. Will I ever be ready? No. But can I do this? Yes, but only through the strength of God.  

This semester I’ve got so many exciting things going on: it’s just making sure that they get done (my planner is already tired)!  I’m in my “major only” classes, meaning that no needless accounting or statistics facts will be filling my mind: nutrition only, which really is something to be excited about.  On top of my class load this semester, as you probably already know, I’m going to be teaching 4 yoga classes a week, including one morning yoga class at 7am (what’s better than to start your day with yoga?).

Because of this and my marathon approaching in November, I’m  going to lay off the weights and focus only on running and yoga.  Smart? I don’t know… but like everything else in life, I’m doing what works best for me.  Not that I have bulging muscles or anything, but even with a little extra muscle it makes my runs much harder (especially 12 like I have in store today, well, actually, in about 30 minutes, AH!).  I should have thought about this before I made it my summer goal to put on muscle. Smart Ashley, realllllly smart.

Also, this semester I am still the Student Dietetic Association (SDA) President so will have lots of fun yet challenging things to do for that; as well as just recently being named the “Community Liaison” between the students of GSU and the Statesboro Community.  I’m excited about both of these positions because they both give me a chance to actually be effective in this community, which helps me “be the change that I want to see in this world,” as Gandhi once said.

Hopefully, after this weekend, it will be before December that I talk to you again (just kidding! it definitely will be! i just don’t know how much ;-()! I hope you have a wonderful weekend whatever it is that you may be doing!

I can do all things through Christ who gives me the strength.

-Phil. 4:13

I’m hitting the streets for the longest run yet of my training program so far; can I do this? YES I CAN! All because of the quote listed above.

Good Health!


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