Why, hello December! Where did you come from?

by Ashley on December 1, 2010

How is December already here?  How is this semester almost over? Even more puzzling, how have Dustin and I already been married for 2 years, this month?

Another semester comes to an end and I am finally getting closer and closer to the 2 things that are keeping me from my dream job: a Dietetics degree and a Dietetics internship.  Only 3 semesters away now!  I honestly never thought that I would have this opportunity; the opportunity to go back to school and actually pursue the career of my dreams.

Looking back on this semester, I have really learned a lot!  So much, in fact, I’m not sure how my brain holds it all.  One of the most important things that I have learned, however, is how related our nutrition is to not only our present health, but just as important, our health in our later life.  In other words, the foods we eat today, strongly impact our future health.  I have learned that nearly all diseases are brought on and therefore curable by our diet/nutrition.  Yes, I’m saying that nearly all of these deadly diseases that are killing so many people have a similar solution: we need to clean up our diets.

Yesterday I was speaking to one of my professors and she said because of how complicated nutrition has become (what percentages of protein, fat, and carbs you should eat and when), it’s time for us to stop over analyzing everything we put into our bodies and rather just “eat less of everything,” she said.

We tend to focus so much on the exact percentages in our diet because that is what we are taught in America when the real problem is simply over consumption.  If we just reduce our portion sizes, not only will this help our current waistline, but it will also decrease our chances of developing future diseases.

I know, I know, this is a lot easier said than done, and you’re thinking, “Why are you telling us this smack dab in the middle of the holiday season?”  But if we all at least try we will all be happier with ourselves come New Years Day.   When everyone else is making ridiculous New Years Resolutions and your skinny jeans still fit you perfectly, you’ll be glad you did.

Lately, in one of my nutrition classes, we have really been discussing the importance of eating less and less animal protein, and to eat more along the lines of the Mediterranean Diet.

While I have definitely been cutting back (eating only one serving of meat per day, at either lunch or dinner, never both), for the month of December I am going to give it up all together just to see how it affects me.  I will still however eat fish (it is much lower in fat and cholesterol than farm animals and also a great source of protein).  Some fish also offers calcium, which is very important to me, being lactose intolerant.

So, how will I get my protein you ask? Beans, grains, nuts, eggs, and as I stated earlier fish, lots of fish!

One thing that I have noticed about my past monthly goals is that they really aren’t goals at all; some have been challenges and this one is more of an experiment.  I want to see how this makes my body feel; how it affects my energy, my weight, my satiation, my digestion, etc.

I know that Dustin will be pretty unhappy to read this post, but I am going to try to make it effect him as little as possible.  This summer when we did Meatless Mondays, he complained EVERY Monday, needless to say he hated it, “How am I going to gain weight eating this!?” he would say.

Rest assured Dustin, I will still cook you meat, but will aslo fix myself something else (Yet another way to complicate my life.).

With only one week left in the semester, I look forward to a happy and healthy CHRISTmas break without the meat, poultry, turkey, etc. that I am used too.  Hopefully I don’t miss it too much!

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