Exercise the old fashion way!

by Ashley on November 27, 2010

To me there is nothing better than getting my exercise in when I’m not actually “working out,” and today, we did just that.  We went hiking up Pine Mountain in Cartersville, GA.  I would have never thought something so beautiful would be so close, but then again, that’s the awesome thing about nature; no matter where you are, as long as there are trees around you, leaves below you, and a blue sky above you, you know God is at work.

After so much food this past week, it felt great to not only get a great workout in, but enjoy time with Dustin and his parents as well.

This was at the top of the mountain; it was beautiful.

I kept up with Dustin for most of the hike, so of course had to take a break once we made it to the top!

Apparently there is even more to the trail that we could have hiked but we didn’t have time for that today (it’s close to 10 miles? we’ve heard), so over Christmas break we are going to do it!  If any of you live in close by, and are interested in doing it with us please do!  Picnic at the top!  Let me know!

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