Weekend + Lots of Foodie Things

by Ashley on March 24, 2014

HI friends! Happy, happy Monday! And what a Monday it has been – with as positive of a tone as I can have, I am happy to see this Monday come to an end. I recently learned that the morning really sets the tone for your entire day, and I certainly saw that to be true today.

My coworker and I traded shifts today so that she could make an early morning meeting which meant that I was to report in at 8am for her. At 8:40 am, as was calmly applying my make-up and sipping my coffee, I all of a sudden remembered that I was supposed to be sitting at my desk 40 minutes prior. Oops! Luckily, it all worked out but I am still furious with myself that I completely forgot over the weekend. Oh well… hello Tuesday! Normally on either Saturday or Sunday morning, I will look at my planner at least once, but this weekend, I didn’t even get it out of my work bag… I blame it on the pretty weather! Anyway, before my Monday morning started off on the wrong foot, we had a lovely weekend to make up for it…

Friday, after getting off of work a little bit late, I hit the gym for an evening workout and then stopped by the grocery store to pick up something lovely for dinner. My body was craving greens so I gathered everything to make a lovely salmon salad…

Underneath the fish went kale, spinach, hearts of palm, edamame, cherry tomatoes, slivered almonds, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, carrots and sliced cucumbers.

I turned in for an early night, after kicking these guys out of my bed that is…

They clearly take our efforts to keep them off of our bed very seriously.

Saturday I started the morning off with a green smoothie, oats and a run with my pups and then headed out the door for a class that I had to take.  

After finishing up the class, I made it back home to get ready for a dinner and drinks with my friends for a birthday celebration.We stayed out way too late on Saturday night which lead to a later wake up time than usual but we still had a rather productive Sunday to say the least!

I made a trip to the grocery store to pick up everything that I would need for the week (remember planning is the key to healthy eating!) including all of these goodies…

And then Sunday meal prep was in full force!

Green smoothies, black bean burgers, split peas, homemade trail mix, overnight seedy oats, tofu fingers

Tofu fingers, roasted broccoli, turkey burgers, lasagna, veggie quinoa

The hub has a road trip ahead of him so the Tupperware was put to good use! California Turkey Burgers over Veggie Quinoa and Split Peas and a side of Roasted Broccoli and Veggie Lasagna in the back containers.

I finished up the weekend with a lovely ~3 mile run with the hub and pups and then enjoyed a lovely date night at one of my new favorite Atlanta restaurants, R. Thomas.

IMG 7676 001

Hummus, sprouted tortillas and grilled veggies to start

IMG 7677 001

Cinnamon sweet potatoes, vegan sloppy joe and red cabbage slaw

There’s no better way to end the weekend with a delicious piece of vegan coconut cake!

How was your weekend!? Did you eat any delicious meals?!

Have a great week!

Good health!


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