by Ashley on July 5, 2013

Hi friends! How was your holiday? It feels like Monday over here, but thankfully it’s FRIDAY! I’m moving slow, if you can’t already tell.

It seems as though we are setting a 2013 low key holiday trend. After a super calm New Year’s Eve, the 4th of July followed suit. We drove ~ seven hours home, stopped at Whole Foods for lunch,worked out, and then grilled out with Dustin’s parents last night.

Fresh collard greens, sweet potato rounds, grilled squash, homemade (vegan, gluten-free) corn bread, fresh corn, grilled green beans, garden tomatoes and onion. 

Good food and good company, yes, but no fireworks, no beach, no picnics… nada. I guess that’s what a seven hour car ride will do to you.

Two foodies making our way home!

But no worries, I will be making up for my lack of 4th of July plans by heading back to the beach tomorrow, so today’s post is rather short because I have a huge to-do list to tackle in order to get ready.  I just picked up some groceries that I will need and won’t be able to get down there so kitchen madness and to-list tackling are about to begin.

  1. I’m prepping my mom’s delicious black bean burger recipe (I’ll share it soon!) to freeze some patties in order to be grill ready after long days on the beach.
  2. I’m recreating some Core Warrior Meal Bars for Dustin since he will have some long baseball days while I am away.
  3. I haven’t started packing (or finished the laundry since we just returned home yesterday).
  4. I plan on squeezing in an afternoon/evening workout, especially since I will be gym-less for the next seven days (I’m sure my body will be happy for the break!),  but I’ll definitely be bringing our TRX straps and yoga mat as well as my interval timer for some beach sprints with my pups.
  5. Pack up my foodie traveling essentials.
  6. Whip up these homemade dog treats.
  7. And wash the pups in prep for a long car ride down! (If they could tell you, they would let you know that they are more excited to return to the beach than anyone!)

I have some awesome posts in store for you from the beach, including the continuation of the July Yoga Challenge (don’t forget to send me your pictures from this past week and to check back for next weeks pose!), the idea of being quiet and listening more, foods that you should be eating everyday and more fun topics! While away I plan on doing a lot of reading, writing, podcast listening, beach walking and relaxing. My kind of week!

Anyways, what did you do for the 4th? We’re you low key like us or did you do something adventurous and exciting? I’d love to hear what your holiday looked like!

I hope you have a fabulous weekend (and that it stops raining especially at the beach!)

Good health!


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