TOTW Tuesday: Mix It Up

by Ashley on June 4, 2013

Hi there! I hope your Tuesday is off to a good start! So far so good over here! I started the day on my yoga mat this morning and had some unexpected four-legged company.

 One with a baseball ready to play fetch.

And the other stalled out, waiting to be pet. Oh how I love these guys.

For some reason, every time I roll out my mat they both seem to think its play time for them. They make every practice an even happier one, so I’m okay with their large paws intruding my downward dog space. Maybe I should check out Ruff Yoga after all. 😉

Anyway, this weeks Tip of The Week Tuesday post involves activity and exercise. I want to encourage you to mix it up and do the things that you enjoy doing whether it be hitting the gym hard five days a week or walking in your neighborhood when you get home from work. Do any activity that makes you happy.

Dustin and I usually workout together five to six days a week. Four of those days are spent in the gym lifting weights and the other two are spent doing some sort of cardio or yoga. At the end of last week, however, both of us felt as if our bodies needed a break. Because of that we decided to listen to our bodies, take a week away from the gym and spend this week doing things that are still active and challenging but are far from any gym experience.

By mixing it up and taking a little bit of time away, you will not only allow your body a chance to recover and replenish, but you will also allow your brain and soul a chance to become reinspired, reinvigorated and avoid burnout. It’s easy to get into a fitness/exercise routine, repeating the same thing day in and day out, but we should always question whether or not what we are doing is making us happy? Are we enjoying the time we spend exercising? Or are we dreading it every single day, knowing that any day could be our last day that we actually show up, press play or take off. It’s not just about the long term goal of “getting healthier” or “losing weight,” it’s in the journey that we grow, learn and live.

Yesterday we took the pups to the park for what was supposed to be 30 minutes of sprint sets, but unfortunatley not even five minutes in, the hot Georgia heat caused our two rambunctious, non-stop Boxers to move at a snails pace. Luckily they were able to participate in a light jog, so I stayed behind with them while the hub took off. It’s a lot of fun to included the pups in our daily fitness time. Today we grabbed the bikes and hit the fields; they were so excited to join in on the excitement, not only that but to get a little dirty too!

 Sometimes it’s just fun to wonder – to have no plan and to feel like a kid again. Running, moving, dancing, biking – whatever it may be, just mixing it up and keeping it fun.

How about you – are you the type to hit the gym everyday with a set plan and no time for play like us normally, or are you like us this week, listening to your body – doing whatever it feels that day? It certainly feels good to go with the flow and simply enjoy the journey.

I hope you have a great afternoon!

Good health!






jeff June 4, 2013 at 3:01 pm

awesome post! Its days like today i wish i could wonder. alls do what you love and you will never work a day if your life!


Ashley June 5, 2013 at 11:52 am

Thank you! You are right about that! Good for the soul 🙂

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