Wedding Fun + Tasty Foodie Finds + Dairy-free Yogurt

by Ashley on June 3, 2013

Hi there! Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend! I am definitely happy with the turnout from Friday’s post! After talking to a lot of you, it seems as though some of you you may not be ready to commit to the 30 Days of June – Real Food Challenge, but that you are definitely going to be more aware of what you are eating, reading labels and searching out the clean food. That is an awesome start! Remember that if you are still interested, you can still join us by replying in the comments sections of Friday’s post. 

Since I had to start the challenge on Saturday, out of town, it was a little bit challenging but was certainly possible. If I had taken the time to prepare it would have been much, much easier but when I was trying to get out of town on Friday afternoon, I was simply too lazy to properly prepare a snack bag. Dietitian fail. I’ll definitely do better next road trip!

On to wedding weekend fun…

Per request of the bride, we started Saturday morning off with a yoga class taught by yours truly in a large field at the wedding venue. There couldn’t have been a more gorgeous backdrop for a wedding day practice. Behind us was a beautiful garden and the birds chirping made for the perfect yoga song. It was truly amazing to be able to lead the bride, my friends and the groom’s mom through a peaceful morning practice.

Too much fun to put into words.

On my way home yesterday, I decided to take a detour and stop by Your Dekalb Farmers Market to pick up some Real Food goodies! A few of my favorite pick ups included three different kinds of kale, purple and golden beets, swiss chard, fresh turmeric, organic peaches and apples, fresh made almond butter, black grapes, carob powder, Japanese sweet potatoes, Yerba Mate and a replenished supply of grains and beans.

With so much good food in stock, today was definitely a good foodie day! We had plans to go do a little hiking today but my kitchen crafts caused us to get too late of a start. Maybe tomorrow?

The day started with green smoothies, featuring baby kale, aloe vera juice, lemon squeeze, water, unsweetened almond milk, fresh turmeric, fresh ginger, carob powder, maca powder, flax meal, chia seeds, frozen banana, and frozen berries. Even with the combination of so many ingredients it actually turned out really good – even the hub approved of it.

And the fun definitely didn’t stop there.

A few weeks ago, you might remember me talking about a delicious vegan yogurt that I had while at the beach. Ever since then, I haven’t stopped thinking of different ways I could make a vegan yogurt. Whenever I write or tell you that I am “mostly” vegan or 99% vegan, it’s because there is one food that I still haven’t given up: Greek yogurt. My love for Greek yogurt just won’t go away, despite my efforts to remove it from my diet. When I first went vegan a few years ago, Greek yogurt was certainly one of the things I got rid of. After about six months, my body was still really craving it – and the craving wouldn’t go away. At that time I decided to listen to my body and continue to include Greek yogurt in my diet. In efforts to one day get rid of it, I first want to find something I can successfully replace it with. I might have done so today! Say hello to Dairy-free Hemp Yogurt.

It was absolutely delicious. A little bit sweeter tasting than Greek yogurt and a little less sour, but definitely comparable in texture and satisfaction. I tweaked a recipe I found on Pinterest that included hemp seeds, banana, coconut oil, and water.  The husband liked it too, so I’ll definitely be making it again!

Now that I’m finally out of the kitchen, we are off to take the pups to the park and do some interval training as well! I hope that you had a fabulous weekend and Monday now that the work day is almost over! Have a great night!

Good health!


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