Summer Lovin’ + Goal Makin’

by Ashley on May 30, 2012

Hi friends! I hope your summer is off to an awesome start! Ours certainly is. Last week, Dustin and I spent the entire week with his family in Cape San Blas, FL, with absolutely no cell reception AT ALL. And guess what? I survived and it was actually quite awesome.  Not that I don’t love keeping up with all of my friends and family, but after graduating only two short weeks ago, it was so nice to not have to worry about e-mails rolling through or deadline text reminders to respond to.

Anyways, this morning we made it safely back to St. Augustine after visiting the entire state of FL. Kidding (kinda)! Only Mexico Beach, Cape San Blas, as mentioned, Celebration, FL (our old stomping grounds), and then Palm Coast (all I still know about that place is that it is south of here). Like I said…the entire state of FL 😉

We had a week full of nothing but rest and relaxation and a few beach runs and sprints mixed in as well. Oh yeah, and a long beach bike ride too.

We made several amazing meals including every veggie you can think of, black bean/quinoa burgers for me, and wild/self caught (by the guys) fish for the others.

Massages and mimosas for the girls while the men did their work. My kind of week.  We soaked up plenty of rays…

…and also were fortunate enough to celebrate Dustin’s mom, Donna’s, 50th birthday too!

After leaving the (FL) Cape, we rode tripped over to the old place we called home, Celebration (just outside of Orlando — whenever I mention that we lived in Orlando a few years back, this is were I am talking about) to visit Dustin’s old physical therapist/trainer with the Braves, Troy (remember I mentioned his wife a few posts back) and teammate/roommate with the Braves; it was a lovely surprise when Dustin told me we were going to see them!

Dustin and I were actually both surprised to find that we actually missed that place; I never thought I would hear “miss” and “Orlando” in the same sentence coming from Dustin.  Not because it isn’t pleasantville-like (it really is) but because all he can associate with the town is injury (shoulder), pain (surgery), and loss (baseball).  While living there, we were both so confused.  We had no idea what tomorrow held; as you could imagine, something a little scary for a Type A personality ;-).  We were BOTH chasing the baseball dream, rightfully so.  But now that it is over, we both felt a sigh of relief visiting Celebration because we wanted to, not because Dustin was still rehabbing his shoulder.  We shared awesome conversation with dear friends and also got to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, Columbia, as well.

These pictures were taken years ago at that very same spot…

With much time to think over the past week (again, because of the type A person that I am), I made up a timeline of goals that my next eight years might include.  (Note: I did not include when we would have children in this time frame because I KNOW that only God knows when the timing is perfect, not me.)  Although this is EXTREMELY vague, the more I read, the more I learn that setting goals is the most important thing we can do in order to do the things we want to do in this short life that we may live.  So, here, like I said is a more than over-simpilified list, are the accomplishments that I hope to complete in the next eight years…that puts me in 2020, scary right?

  • July 2012: Begin my internship at the Mayo Clinic
  • March 2013: Complete my internship at the Mayo Clinic/ Pass the RD Exam and become a Registered Dietitian
  • Post-March 2013: Obtain a job as an RD
  • March 2013-Aug 2014: Work for at least a couple of years as an RD
  • Aug 2014: Return to school?…who knows!
Wow! Where does the time go? That’s where the time goes! To education errrr something like that.

Anyways, like I said, vague; but, it’s important to write it down clearly to see.

I truly hope that this post inspires you to think of your future goals because if you’re not going to live your life, who will?

Have a wonderful evening!

Good health!

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