Mayo Love

by Ashley on May 17, 2012

Today, I had the pleasure of visiting my future internship site, the Mayo Clinic. I must say, I am even more excited (if that is possible) than before.

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I had to complete an occupational health assessment, required of all employees (in my case, intern) of the Mayo Clinic, and was more than impressed with each and every person that I spoke with; they were all so helpful, it was as if the actually cared. Wow. Something I’m not used to.

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In search to introduce myself to the Internship Director (considering the last time I spoke with her was at my interview in March and she was more than amazing), everyone was more than eager to answer my questions and point me in the right direction to find her, they even walked me directly to her office (unfortunately, she was already out of the office anyway).

Me on my Mayo interview day (it was a Skype-like interview) trying to set up the computer screen perfectly. I was beyond nervous in this photo, if it isn’t obvious ;-), who are we kidding?

I cannot wait to call that place home, because it sure already felt like it.  Honestly, just walking through those doors, even being a hospital, felt like the picture of health. It was as if it was/is a place to live, rather than die: a place that encourages life, rather than death. I have never felt that way in a hospital, ever. They showed me my future computer/cubical and even introduced me to the rest of the dietitians on staff.  It’s more than unusual seeing more than one dietitian on staff (well, coming from Statesboro), much less the four that I saw today.  NUTRITION MATTERS and they know that.  That is clearly why, God placed me in this amaaazing place.

I cannot wait to write to you about my experiences there because I know they will be second to none!

Enjoy your evening!

Good health,

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