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by Ashley on May 12, 2012

Hi there! How goes it? No complaints here! We made it safe and sound to our new home state of FL (for the next year at least, maybe more) this evening, after a long day that started with a much-needed massage, a great workout and then lots of packing. We are in St. Augustine for a few weeks and then will be moving up to JAX once we find a place there. I’ll keep you posted on our whereabouts!

Yesterday after my last final, Dustin was determined that we were leaving Statesboro TODAY. I was a little frustrated with this idea at first, simply because I was being lazy and wanted to do NOTHING, especially not pack up my entire life, right after finishing two years of nonstop work but now that we are here, I’m more than happy that I allowed him to talk me into it.  We were able to pack both of our cars down and were on the road by around 3:00.  And needless to say, a morning walk on the beach doesn’t sound too bad either.

After my final, I was, however, able to squeeze in drinks with my Nutrition girls to say our final goodbyes and celebrate our hard work…

I am going to miss them so.  It’s hard to believe that I am closing that chapter of my life, but I am more than excited to move on to the next and begin my journey with the Mayo Clinic in just a few short months.

Since I am not walking at the graduation ceremony tomorrow (I have good reason: I have already done it once, it is incredibly hot in Statesboro in May, AND one of my dear friends is getting married tomorrow in Fernandina so we will be there instead!), this is the only graduation picture I will have…

Done and done!

Anyways, hope you have a wonderful weekend! We plan on hitting the St. Augustine farmers market, outlets, beach, and then wedding all on our first day here! Can it be done?! I’ll let you know!

Good health!

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