Weekend Giveaway + Updated Dinner Meal Plans!

by Ashley on September 8, 2013

Hi friends! I hope you are all having an awesome weekend! Thank you for all of your kind words regarding my pup! Many of you know that my pups are my life, so I really appreciate your caring words and well wishes regarding that crazy guy! I’m certain he will live a long, healthy life, full of sprits, high jumps and tail wags.

In other news, I am doing another awesome giveaway (the winner from last weeks giveaway will be announced tomorrow!) for my very own detox program over in Instagram (@aharpe) later today so be sure to check it out and join in on the fun!

We’re headed home from a weekend road trip but I just wanted to stop in, say hello and let you know that another weeks worth of dinner menus/ meal plans have been posted!

This week, like the others, features some pretty tasty recipes! The husband is praying that I make every.single.one, including BBQ Chicken Tenderloins, Fiesta Chicken Packets,  Brunswick Stew, and Shrimp and Walnut Pesto Pasta!

I do want to note that my meal plans are NOT vegan or vegetarian, other than the vegetarian plan specifically noted. I have received several questions about this so I just wanted to clear that up. These plans are created based on the food that I would and do serve my husband and family (who are carnivores), not my own specific dietary specifications. As a dietitian, it is my goal to help YOU live YOUR healthiest life, not force my dietary decisions and specifications on you. 

Purchase this weeks meal plan here…

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Or head over to the $5 Meal Plans Tab for this weeks and many others, including a Five Day Lunch Menu, Vegetarian Menu and more!

Haven’t tried them? Give it a try this week! You won’t be sad you did! Check out the testimonials here. I’ve even had many people tell me that they purchased one weeks worth and then tried a new recipe every other night or every few nights, just to incorporate some new dishes into their family’s usual routine!

Anyway, thanks for all of your awesome feedback and support! I look forward to having another healthy week with you!

Talk to ya tomorrow!

Good health!


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