Grass-fed Steaks for Dinner

by Ashley on August 19, 2010

After all of the cooking that I do, you would think I’ve cooked a steak, and by cook I mean grill… nope, not once.  I’ve watched my mom, brother, dad, father-in-law, and just about everyone grill steaks but I’ve always been too afraid of running them.  Usually I haven’t been the one buying the steaks, so I really didn’t want to ruin something someone else paid good money for.

How did they know when the center is a perfect pink?  A few nights ago I dared to take on a few sirloins, and actually made myself proud!

Now that I’ve found a local, grass- fed beef farm right near us, I have a feeling grass-fed steak grilling will not be something I avoid anymore.  My steaks came out a perfect pink (a little too medium for Dustin, he likes his medium-well) and they actually tasted, well, good.

Along with our steaks we had asparagus, pear and onion wild rice, watermelon and bread from the local bakery…  oh yeah, and some red wine from the local wine cellar too! I must admit the food down here is much more fresh because the farmers are literally our neighbors! I’m really loving the access to all of the local foods.

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