“Maintain Not Gain” Holiday Challenge

by Ashley on November 24, 2013

Hi friends! Happy Monday and happy Thanksgiving week! I hope you had a great weekend!

I am so excited about today…and here’s why!

Maintain not gain

At work, the wellness team is hosting a “Maintain Not Gain” challenge for employees this holiday season and here’s why: Most people tend to maintain their weight all year long and then from Halloween to New Years Day they gain on average one pound. That may not seem like a lot, but over ten years that’s ten pounds. In ten years, do you want to be ten pounds heavier?

For most of us, the answer is probably no!

Because of this, I’ve decided to start a “Maintain Not Gain” challenge here on The Gypsy Dietitian throughout this 2013-2014 holiday season! 

You all know that I am not a huge fan of the scale and I’d rather you base your weight on how you feel in your clothes, but when it comes the “Maintain Not Gain” challenge, we will use the scale to measure our success since it is a quantifiable number.

How it works:

  1. Pick a day and time this week (before Thursday) that you will be able to consistently weigh yourself for the next six weeks. It is important that you select a day and time that you can repeat each week – pick one scale too (for accuracy purposes). For example, if you select Tuesday morning at 6 am (before you’ve put anything in your body!), stick with that same day and time each week.
  2. For the next six weeks, weigh yourself on that same day and time and record your weight.
  3. Your last weigh in will be the week after New Years Day.
  4. You can either email me your weekly results (scale photos – you can even blur the first two numbers if you want to) or send a before and after at the end of the six weeks. One winner will be selected based on those of you who “Maintain Not Gain” this holiday season. If you don’t want to send your pictures, you can absolutely still participate, you just won’t be eligible for the prize!
  5. To join in on the challenge, simply send me an email (thegypsydietitian {at} gmail {dot} com) and tell me that you will be participating! And then the photo sending is up to you!

Tomorrow we will discuss ways that you can “Maintain Not Gain” this holiday season!

Do you tend to gain a few pounds around the holidays? If not, how do you enjoy all of the delicious food without being a few pounds heavier at the end of the season?

Have a great day!

Good health!


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