Power Lunch

by Ashley on November 16, 2010

Dustin always hates on me for eating eggs for lunch, but with around 6 grams of protein per egg, I can get around 9 grams in a 1 egg, 1 egg white open-face sandwich (not even counting the Ezekiel bread).

He actually walked up to me while I was eating lunch and said, “Are you depressed?” “No, why?” “Because you have to eat THAT for lunch.” Ha! “I’m actually choosing to eat this because it’s delicious, Dustinnnnnnnnn.”

One day he will understand me! What’s your favorite/ go to lunch? I’m always looking for new ideas. Lunch seems to be the hardest meal of the day for me to plan- I don’t know why…

I’m off to the library for more Anatomy fun! Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

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