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by Ashley on April 27, 2012

Hi friends! It’s already almost Friday…yipee!! That means only one more week of school! Double yipee!! Summer has never looked so good! This week has been busy, but what’s new? The last few weeks of the semester are always crazy busy: it’s all about finding ways to slide through.  Hard work has always done the trick; I think I’ll stick to that.  I just realized tonight after my yoga class that I will only teach four more yoga classes…ever? We’ll see. Feels so strange.

Anyways, tonight I have yet another awesome guest post to share with you!

Anyone that can do this…

…to MY hair is beyond incredible.  The only other day my hair has actually ever held curl was my wedding day: see, God is good 😉 I pick my hair dressers just as I would my personal trainer: if you don’t have beautiful hair (my hair stylist) or a rockin’ bod (if I were to have a personal trainer) then I wouldn’t choose you, makes since, right?

Her hair is not only beautiful but ALWAYS perfectly styled…

Let me introduce you to my dear friend Amanda Clayton, master cosmetologist at POW-DUR Salon in Statesboro.  Tonight she is going to share with you her top tips on working with whatcha’ got: making your hair beautiful!

My name is Amanda Clayton , I work at POW-DUR salon in Statesboro, GA.
Here are a few tips and tricks I’d like to share with you!

Thanks Ashley for letting me share my two cents 😉
1.  Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Line

I highlight my hair every 6 weeks, so I have to make sure the products that I use nourish my scalp and hair follicles. I’ve found that the Keratin Complex line does just that.  This sodium chloride free formula enriches the hair with Keratin protein for lasting protection. I use the Keratin Complex shampoo and conditioner as well. I also do an “Infusion Treatment”  which infuses keratin protein into the cuticle, leaving the hair with a soft and silky finish.
2.  Rock Your Hair Powder & Moroccan Oil 
It’s not realistic or healthy to wash your hair every day.  On the days that I don’t wash my hair, in order to keep it from falling flat, I use Rock Your Hair Powder: Bombshell . If you’re looking for extra texture in your hair, I highly suggest trying this great and inexpensive product.
If you live anywhere near or around the south, you know of the constant struggle with humidity. Great looking hair and humidity never go hand-in-hand, but I’ve found a little secret that helps with “frightful frizz.”   Moroccan Oil does a wonder! If you’ve never tried it, I highly suggest it.. BUT if you have blonde hair make sure to get the LIGHT MO. Always remember… One tiny drop goes along way!
3.  Blow-Dry Spray by KENRA 
I recently stumbled across this from a local supplies store. What a great find! Blow-Dry Spray by KENRA is a thermal protectant that you spray on your damp hair before blow drying. This product helps protect your hair from damaging heat, while also adding smoothness and a great aroma.Blow-Dry Spray by KENRA also cuts drying time down substantially!
4.  Quality Hair Dryers
You get what you pay for (or so the saying goes).  I wish someone would have told me to spend a little extra money on a good hair dryer a LONG time ago. I use to spend so much time drying my hair. My cheap/non-efficient hair dryer was loud, weak, and time consuming. My suggestion is to invest in a decent hair dryer. I guarantee you will not regret it! You’ll cut time off preparation time and having extra time is always a good thing. Try “Google’ing” “best selling hairdryers”. There are some very expensive ones, but shop around read reviews and find what suits you best: make the right decision for a hair dryer. Elchim has really good Hairdryers and the price isn’t bad either!
5.   Round Brush or Paddle Brush
Clients are always asking how I make their hair so smooth. It’s really just one simple thing. I use a round brush. It can be hard to fully dry your own hair with a round brush but a simple trick is to get your hair almost fully dry and then use the round brush on the mid-shaft to the ends. This will get you that smooth look your looking for with minimum expense and maximum results.
6.  Curling and Straightening 
One simple rule: always use a heat protectant, like the Blow-Dry Spray by KENRA I mentioned earlier.  Protecting your hair is a must. I’ve found that it’s always better to spray a little hairspray before styling. This will in-turn hold the curl much better. When straightening, try to start away from the root. Start from the mid shaft to the ends so you’ll still have volume to play with.
7.  Hair Spray
If you’re looking for short term use, I suggest trying the Moroccan Oil Hairspray.  It has a flexible hold and a great smell. If you’re looking for longer use, I suggest going with a “Firm Hold” hairspray.  When applying, try to not spray too closely. “Firm Hold” only needs to be applied lightly to achieve the best results. I’ve found that using “Firm Hold” hair spray in the right amount will hold true when going out and also allows for flexibility. When you apply the right amount, you’ll see results that offer great texture and flexibility.
Hopefully one or two of the tips and tricks can help you along your way.
Isn’t she amazing!? What am I going to do without her in Jacksonville? Maybe that will be my excuse to come and visit with her! Perfectttttt.
Have a wonderful night and an awesome Friday!
Good health!
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Thanks for sharing this hair care tips. Love it!

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