A Double Boxer Run

by Ashley on January 18, 2012

Two times the fun with this crowd!

A Double Boxer Run? What in the world is that?

“Slow down, Gunner. Boss, quit biting his ear. Would y’all come on? Your leash can’t taste that good. Another bathroom break? Already? Don’t be scared of the cars, Gunner. Boss, this isn’t play time. Run straight. Watch where your going. Quit looking back at me. Let’s gooo.”

There you go. The definition for Double Boxer Run.  And this is what it looks like…

Absolute chaos for the first five minutes.

Making sure that Boss and Gunner get exercise is a priority for me.  Not only because they are monsters when they don’t get enough playtime (insert two large dogs wrestling on the couch here) but helping them live long, healthy lives is also important to me.  I want B & G, as I like to call them, to live for as long as they possibly can; I certainly hope they will be a part of our children’s lives, years and years down then road.  I’m sure you understand if you have family members that just happen to be dogs, as well 😉

After teaching yoga this morning, I planned on getting in a little cardio myself when I got out of class.  It would have been rather selfish of me to just leave these two behind just because I thought they couldn’t keep up or would slow me down. So instead of leaving two wild Boxers, full of energy at the house, today was the first time I decided to let Gunner join in on mine and Boss’ run, maybe a little late (he is 10 months old now), but better late than never, I guess.  Boss was just the opposite. We got Boss just a few months before I began training for my first half-marathon back in April 2010, so at six-months, Boss was running just that, six miles (or more on other days). He absolutely loved the early morning runs, however, Dustin thinks that running that much at such a young age may have stunted his growth. Because 65 pounds is small, right? Dustin says that he is “small for a Boxer.” If he’s small, I’d hate to own a large dog. So because of this, in order to let Gunner grow to his full potential (he is 10 months and already 60 pounds) I took it easy on the little guy through his youth 😉

However, lack of experience or not, Gunner actually really surprised me today.   I was expecting a 1 minute run, followed by 1 minute of walking for about 30 minutes or so. Oh no, they had other plans.  Thirty minutes of straight running. No breaks allowed. Last time I play them for lazy fools!

Gunner was so excited to be included…

Now these two monsters have been silenced by exhaustion (and destroying our guest bed)…ahhhh, finally a little peace!

What about you? Do you like to exercise with your pups? More trouble than it’s worth or absolutely necessary? Absolutely necessary for these two!

Good health!


Tyler Verlander January 30, 2012 at 6:02 pm

I LOVE to run with my dogs… I try to go on natural paths so myself and them are not soaking up the car fumes… however, they are pretty good, and I have a male (Spot: 62lbs) and a female (Freya: 52 lbs) Belgian Malinois- think boxer energy x5!!! 🙂 The first run was about like you mentioned above for a short period… but now, if I have to have them on leash, Spot knows he’s on the left, and Freya on the right– and the pinch collars are a MUST as trying to keep one dog together when a squirrel attempts a death wish by running in front of us is a task… try holding on to TWO of them! With having such energetic dogs… this is a MUST and you will build such a great bond (even more than you have now) with them. Where horses used to be my stress relief… my dogs and our walks/runs are now. (Since I sold my horse and am not riding regularly now).

Enjoy your runs with your boys… they are SO precious and Gunner will quickly realize the routine and fall right into it! 🙂 (p.s… actually… the 60lb boxer is fairly normal or “traditional” size. Just like with most breeds, the americans have bred them to be larger than their traditional, and ancestral siblings- they’ve done the same for Malinois… people think my male is small– when really, 50 years ago… he was the Norm!)

Sorry for the book… Ashley… your blog is so inspiring… and as I have recently made a lifestyle change to eat more healthy… and more organic.. I am sure I will be re-reading some of your foodie posts! As I know I will not ever be vegan… I am making a HUGE swing towards eating more natural foods: vegetables and fruits and foliage > meats. Your passion for your lifestyle is inspiring. 🙂

Ashley Harper Evans February 7, 2012 at 1:12 pm

Thank you for your sweet words, Tyler. They mean so much! The pups are definitely getting better with every run! You’ve got your hands full too!

Health is learned and created one day at a time! I’m happy to hear you’re making those small changes!!

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