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Happy Mother’s Day!

May 10, 2012

Well, hello there! It’s almost the weekend yet again! And more importantly, it’s the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Two more finals and I am finished! Yippeeee! Ready to let the summer roll!

In honor of Mother’s Day quickly approaching, I have some great news to share with you today.

As most of you know or have read, about two years ago my mother was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (inflammation and swelling of the joints).  This was especially hard because of the immediate effects that this crippling disease had on my more than active mother.  She’s always been unstoppable, that was until this disease entered her life…but only for a short while.  The fall after my mother’s summer diagnosis is when I returned to school in order to become an RD. God’s plans and timing are always perfect.

To me, nutrition is involved in nearly every disease, and should 100% be included in almost every care plan.  On the other hand, apparently the RA doctors have split down the middle regarding the effects nutrition has on the disease.  I don’t quite understand those on the other side other than the fact that little money will be made when someone uses nutrition to cure or lessen the effects disease rather than expensive medications.  It’s sad if that’s where this country really stands: allowing our people to die from a disease that could be stopped a because of the dollar bill.  But, unfortunately I wouldn’t doubt it looking at the food that our own UDSA/FDA encourage us to eat (dairy, processed foods, antibiotic treated meat, etc).

My mom sided with me and a few other doctors, leaning on nutrition to pull her through this disease.  While she does take her prescribed medication, my mom eats a mostly vegan, gluten-free diet too (both pro-inflammatories in the body).  Is this easy for her? Absolutely not but in order to prevent the disease from progressing and to subside some of the pain, this lifestyle is more than worth it.

On to the good news…

Guess what friends!? My mom had her biannual doctors appointment yesterday to go over her lab values and review the state of the disease and found out that the progression has stopped! She was given the 12-biomarker test of RA Disease Activity and scored a 96 out of 100 points! Showing that there has been very little activity among the disease. Although the disease is still prevalent, it isn’t worsening. That is such awesome news! Because of her proactive choices and discipline, she is showing RA who is boss rather than letting it defeat her.

My mom cooks the most beautiful vegan meals for my family every night and rather than thinking about the foods that she can’t have, she has added so many new, highly nutritious things that she might not have tried before.

If that’s not inspiration, I don’t know what is!  By taking care of our health and taking preventive action, we can choose our destiny rather than disease.

Happy almost Mother’s Day to my amazing mother! I am beyond blessed to have such a driven woman to look up to everyday.

Have a wonderful day!

Good health!

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