Vegetarian/Vegan Nutrient Table

by Ashley on March 12, 2012

Good morning and happy Monday! It’s already absolutely beautiful down here; I hope good weather greets you this morning wherever you are as well!

A few months ago, one of my friends messaged me asking this…

I am currently trying to conjure up a nutrition chart and was wondering if you had anything that you could email me.  I can seem to find just a basic chart that has daily requirements for vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, etc.,all that good stuff along with recommendations for the food to eat to get all the basic necessities.  I made little notes all the time as I read stuff and just want to have just one general sheet to look at as a reference when I am cooking.  I figured with all of your course work that this is like a basic chart that is in every book you buy…but who knows?”

Thanksgiving break came, as did finals, and then what do you know, Christmas break came as well.  In the midst of all of that, I COMPLETELY forgot that I was on the search for a chart to send back.

This past Friday at our practicum rotation site (Statesboro HS), one of my dear nutrition friends and I were talking about how we always wanted a chart like this.  And all of a suddend…BAM, I remembered that I never got back to my reader about the chart; I’m sorry 🙁

But because of this reminder, yesterday I spent some time thinking about what I wanted to send back to her and realized I really had nothing worthy of sending, so I decided I would just make my own. It looks like this…

You can down load and print it here….Vegan Nutrient Table …(it won’t let me delete the third page so just print the first two, obviously).

I know that not everyone is vegetarian nor vegan, but every table that I looked at only listed things like milk for calcium or Vitamin D and animal meat for B12. Being vegan and lactose intolerant, those aren’t even options for me, so I decided to just leave all animal products off.  As Americans, we are reminded everyday that milk contains calcium and is fortified with Vitamin D, you don’t need me to tell you that again if you are a milk drinker. Check out the nutrition facts page over at Forks Over Knives if you still think that milk is the best possible source of calcium, just saying…but I will leave that decision up to you.

This table includes previously known and published information/facts so I am by no means telling you anything new, just compiling it for you and making it easier to ensure that you get the proper nutrients throughout the day.

One thing I did leave off of this table was proper macronutrient and fiber recommendations. Again, this is published information that I am sharing with you from the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans based on a healthy individual, not information that I made up myself.

  • The Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Ranges: 
    • Carbohydrate: 45-65% of daily calories
    • Fat: 20-30% of daily calories
    • Protein: 10-35% of daily calories
  • The Recommended Daily Intake for protein: 0.8 g/kg/day (10-35% total calories)
  •  Example: If a male weighs 180 lbs, first convert that to kg (180/2.2=81.81). Now multiply that by 0.8g = 65.64. So he would need approximately 65 grams of protein per day.
  • The FDA set Daily Value for fiber: 25-35 g/day

Anyways, I hope that this helps you reach your goals to live a healthier life everyday! Have an awesome day!

Good health!

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