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Congratulations Big Sis’ + Being a Friend

June 3, 2012

Hi there! Happy weekend! I hope you have had a fabulous day. My day started with a 9 am killer yoga class that left me dripping in more sweat than any workout ever has.  I then ventured over to the Old City Farmers Market to find it was closed :-( because of a graduation ceremony.  I then spent the rest of my day walking the pups, cleaning, cooking and laying out on the dock while Dustin off shore fished with some of our GSU friends that just happen to be in St. Augustine right now too.  A great day for the both of us!

Tonight, I have a happy story to share with you.

Let me set the scene: It’s March 2004 and I am a junior in highschool.  A friend of mine calls me and tells me that she has a friend (both of which went to another highschool) that is close in size to me and is looking for the perfect dress to wear to her senior prom and did I have anything that she could come look at.  Of course I did.

My friend and another girl stroll into my parents house and within minutes out strolls the perfect lime green dress. It fit her like a glove.

Days later, my friend’s friend, I’ll go ahead and share her name, Lindsay, text/calls me (I can’t remember which) and says something similar to this,”Thanks for letting me borrow your dress! It was the perfect dress to get down in…I had it pulled up over my knees all night long!!”

All I could think was, “poor dress, poor, poor dress.”

She returned it in close to mint condition as if she hadn’t even worn it. I was shocked, but now this story makes so much more sense.  Lindsay is my big sister in Kappa Delta and one of the best friends a girl could ever ask for.

(So I might have been a few, or 20, pounds heavier, don’t hate  What can I say, I had fun in college.)

The day I found out I was going to Georgia Southern, Lindsay was the girl who took me under her wing.  She walked me through sorority rush, helped me survive my freshman year, and later stood next to me on my wedding day.

Months ago, when I started my guest post section of this blog, I sent out an e-mail to friends that I knew had an incredible story to share with you.  I had awesome feedback and the hardest part was deciding which order I would share their stories with you.  Every guest post has made complete sense on when I should share, and today, it is more than appropriate for me to share Lindsay’s post on what it takes to be a friend.

Like I said above, Lindsay is the friend that will never leave your side. When she accepts you, she truly accepts you for everything you are.  When she calls you friend, she means it for a lifetime.

When she found out I was accepted into Mayo, she called me and was almost more excited than me. For my 25th birthday she sent me a gift that she new only I would love and she was right, I can hardly put it down. Every food question I have ever had is answered.

Last night, I am more than happy to share, Lindsay said yes to her Texas cowboy and the man of her dreams!

Tom is a lucky man to have this girl as a wife by his side forever (because that, she will be), but I know that she is just as lucky to have him by her side because she wouldn’t have picked anything other than perfect.  So, congratulations, Lindsay, you deserve a lifetime of happiness simply because of the joy you bring into other people’s lives!

Here are a few photos of some wild times Linds and I have shared together…

Biting my hair? That’s what big sisters are for. Statesboro 2008?

Vegas 2010

Teaching me her San Antone Two-Step

Atlanta 2010

Reunited and it felt so good. San Antonio 2009

Here are Lindsay’s words on being a true friend…

A great friend posses the following qualities:
  • She is honest, no matter what the case. A lot of people tell you what you want to hear, but an honest friend tells you your outfit doesn’t match, you should be nicer to your boyfriend/husband, or your hair needs highlighting because your roots are badddd!
  • She is caring and has a big heart. She listens to your problems and sympathizes with what you’re feeling. She is there for you when you need a milkshake or margarita. She always knows that if she doesn’t have the right answer, she will lend an open ear to comfort you along the way.
  • She is trustworthy. Everyone has situations in life where you don’t want the world knowing your personal business, but you need to confide in one person so you can live day-to-day, not living in secrecy. You need this person to be your rock and sounding board. People don’t realize that gossiping does not get you further in life, the words spoken hurt deeper than the actual value gained from talking about that person. Being a trustworthy friend is the most important attribute for long-lasting friendships.
  • She knows how to have fun! Being able to laugh at yourself not only entertains your friends, but is good for the soul. Surround yourself with people who see the glass half full, and get out there and live life to the fullest, while making every moment a memorable one!
  • She is positive. She greets you with a smile and when asked how she is doing replies, “wonderful, couldn’t be better”. Positive behavior is contagious. Even though we don’t always want to go to work or school, or maybe even be in a good mood when we get home to our families and pets, it is important to meet and greet with a positive attitude and smile. You never know what is going on with the people around you, but being positive and approachable is more rewarding than being negative and closed off.
  • She has faith. She centers her life around Christ and lives her life according to the word. She is an example for her friends and family and encourages discussion and involvement with the church. She is thankful for you and lifts you in time of celebration or need.
  • She is loyal. She will sing your praises when you have accomplished something. She will defend you whenever it is needed. If you needed the shirt off her back, she gives it. She does not compete with you, she joins you. She protects you like a sister and love you to death!
A great friend possess all these attributes and then some. I am blessed to have such wonderful, dear friends of whom I write these things about. We are not only friends, we are sisters, and with that, I am grateful!
I never knew that girl in my lime green dress would soon become one of the best friends I could ever ask for, but as life goes, she certainly is. We should all think of these qualities when it comes to being a friend because Lindsay truly knows.
Have a wonderful night!
Good health!
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