Atlanta Food and Wine Festival

by Ashley on June 1, 2014

Hi friends! Long time no chat! I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Thanks to the amazing folks at Savannah Magazine, my sister and I spent Saturday at the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival and it was AWESOME! I am already looking forward to attending again next year…it was that good!

(Unfortunately, I walked right out the door without my camera so all of these photos are complimentary of my sister. Thanks Chels!)

IMG 7576

Bourbon up!

Growing up just north of Atlanta and actually living here now, strangely enough, I still feel like I know very little about this city.  This weekend provided another reminder of how incredible this city is and further proof that I have need to keep exploring!

IMG 7580

Unfortunately all of the classes were full by the time I found out I was going, but we made it to the tasting tents with plenty of time to explore all there was to see, taste and savor!

IMG 7581

Goose Island Beer Company based out of Chicago. I tried their new Double IPA and it was delicious!

IMG 7584

IMG 7589

Fresh peaches from Pearson Farm – they were so tasty and sweet!

IMG 7594

Leave it to this girl to find the cotton candy!

IMG 7596

Thanks for the photo bomb chef! Sampling the Stella Artois Cidre - pretty tasty for a gluten-free “beer!”

IMG 7603

We definitely couldn’t pass by the St.Germain table! My mom introduced me to St.Germain, an Elderflower liqueur, a few years ago and I still love it! My favorite way to enjoy it is in a Hummingbird, which is made with St. Germain, sparkling white wine (we make it with Sav Blanc), Club Soda, and a Lemon Peel.

IMG 7608

Contrary to what it looks like, we did actually enjoy some pretty awesome food, including the succotash that I am holding above. Some of my other favorites included a pan seared scallop with a pickled slaw, sweet cornbread croutons, Thai spiced chocolate truffles, etc. I was a little disappointed in the amount, or lack there of, of veggie friendly foods, but as you would imagine, it was a carnivores dream! Vendor after vendor of BBQ, poultry, fish, etc. There were also several cheese, pastry and sweets vendors!

I cannot extend my thanks to Savannah Magazine enough for the opportunity to attend such an incredible event! Like I said earlier, I truly am already excited about next year! It was a foodies haven!

Have you ever been to the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival? Or any other awesome food/bev festival that I need to check out? Do share!

Have a lovely evening and awesome week ahead my friends!

Good health!


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