Convenient Nutrition Counseling and Consulting Services

Ashley Harper Evans, RND, LDN

Food is everywhere. It is a part of our society, a part of our workday, a part of our social scene, a part of our family gatherings, literally everywhere. In order to maintain a healthy weight lifelong, we must learn and incorporate healthy skills into every single one of these situations. Life is too short to spend it not feeling your best, healthy on the inside and glowing on the outside. Come with me as I guide you down a a path to good health, helping you live your very best life! I’m looking forward to being a part of your healthy living journey! Scroll down to see all of the services I offer!



  • Single Initial Nutrition Consultation
  • Follow-up Nutrition Consultation
  • Initial + Follow-up Nutrition Consultation Package
  • Follow-up Nutrition Consultation Package (3)
  • Topic Specific Nutrition Consultation (covering your selected specific topic; examples include fueling an athletic lifestyle, healthy eating on the go, gluten-free eating, vegetarian/vegan eating, portion sizes, grocery shopping, healthy fats, healthy swaps, The Mediterranean Diet, etc.)
  • Three Month Lifestyle Program
  • Six Month Lifestyle and Maintenance Program
  • Grocery Store Tours
  • Weekly Six Night Dinner Menus (non-specific)
  • Weekly Meal Plans (specific to your lifestyle and needs)
  • Five Day Real Foods Detox


Please email me at thegypsydietitian {at} gmail {dot} com for more information regarding any of the listed services. 


Regarding Nutrition Consultations:

  • “Your guidance was spot on. I know where to turn for nutrition help. Thank you again and I’ll be recommending you to my friends.”
  • “Thank you so much Ashley!! Your motivation has definitely helped keep me going!!!”
  • “Thanks so much for checking in and OF COURSE your CONSTANT support.”
  • “Once I woke up this morning and realized I didn’t really bring much, so before I found myself snacking on my boyfriend and his roommates potato chips in the pantry, I made a quick run to the store and bought just enough things to fill a tiny basket that could fill me up in a healthy way!  Even (my boyfriend) said “who knew you had such self-control?!” Haha!  Maybe my new habits will rub off on him!!!”
  • “I’m definitely feeling better energy wise, though! It’s definitely been a conscious effort to eat healthier, and this week was a big change from the last few weeks, but I think with some more focus and discipline ill get used to it and know what to buy next time I shop.”

Examples of Text Support:

  • “Going to a wine and cheese party…What’s a good whole wheat cracker to bring?”
  • “Publix makes their own peanut butter but it doesn’t say organic or anything, do you think that’s better than pre-bottled stuff?”
  • “I love this kind of bread (picture text), but it may be “tricking” me so I’m sending you the nutrition facts.” 

Regarding the Detox:

  • “I ordered and downloaded the book (detox). It is awesome. (My daughter) and I are going to start on Monday. It is a perfect plat that even (my daughter) got excited about.”
  • I just wanted to reach out and tell you I successfully completed your 5 day detox last week and loved it. I was eager yet nervous to begin because I went in afraid of being able to stick it out. I am proud to say I made it through the entire plan without faltering at all. I went in hoping to feel better about what I was eating and jumpstart shedding a few lbs and got out of it something way more beneficial. I learned that eating clean is not only do-able but its enjoyable. I honestly loved every meal and opened my eyes up to things I had always assumed I didn’t like. It was so eye opening to enjoy eating without added salt, sugar, cheese etc. A self proclaimed cereal addict, I even started this morning with the raw oats, fruit and almond milk (post detox!). Turns out I love it just as much as cereal and it makes for a great alternative. Thank you so much for putting the time into the plan and sharing it. Hopefully I can continue to incorporate the tasty goodness of clean eating into my day to day routine.
  • “Woo!!! Detox plan! Totally doable. Everything looks great.”
  • “Cleanse day 2! YUM! (We) are loving this!”

Regarding the Meal Plans: 

  • “Holy (moly)! That was so good (picture message)! It was like a meal from a 1st class place! PS I felt great today just from one meal not being full of preservatives and bad stuff! I’m getting my coworkers on to your site to get your meal plans!”
  • “White bean, mushroom, chicken pasta was a hit!”

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Amy Shipley June 19, 2015 at 8:05 am

Hey! I got your info from Katie Bagby. I recently switched my diet to vegan (mostly) but am having a hard time getting variety. Feel like I could use some guidance. Maybe having a consultation and some follow up would be helpful. Lmk how much that is and what you think. Thank you! Blessings, Amy Shipley


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