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Birthday Fun

May 8, 2012

Good morning friends! Wow, 25 feels so different! Ha, totally kidding! But I think 25 is going to be a good age for me. For some reason, I’m excited to be 25. No, I’m not where I thought I would be, but I’m loving exactly where I am.

My birthday yesterday, well actually this entire weekend was awesome! Here’s a little recap…

Friday, after my LAST undergraduate course EVER, Dustin, myself, and the pups ventured north in order to celebrate an engagement party of two dear friends. Our first stop: old Roswell for a glass of vine on the lawn at NINE…

Once we finally made it home Friday night, my mom and I worked on throwing dinner together but didn’t actually get it on the table until 11 pm, a new Harper house record but still just as tasty!

Saturday, as I mentioned earlier, the point of our quick trip home, we went up to Lake Lanier for a friend’s Kentucky Derby themed engagement party. It was a blast!

Sunday, after brunch with some great friends at J. Christopher’s, we returned to my parent’s house for a relaxing, turned birthday celebration day! My mom prepared a delicious lunch of quinoa salad, corn salad (I’ll have to share my mom’s recipe with you), sautéed spinach, fruit, and honey mustard chicken for the others… mimosas were served to help enjoy the day! I am beyond blessed to have a family that loves me!

After lunch, my mom and I did a some birthday shopping and then I spent Sunday night studying for one of three finals left for the week! GETTING CLOSER!!!

After returning to Statesboro, acing my final (so I hope!), and squeezing in a quick workout (my gift to me, which I almost skipped but then I remembered the gift of health is the greatest gift), Dustin had a wonderful day planned to continue the celebrations.

I have awesome news. You will no longer, well no promises, have to see terrible quality pictures on this blog. Dustin gave me a new camera to track and journey my life!

Obvi, still taken with the iPhone.

We opened more gifts: Dustin’s parents and my sister hooked me up with some pretty awesome Lululemon gear (both pink shirts above and shorts and headband not pictured). I ABSOLUTELY love Lululemon. It really is the best yoga/workout/running clothing ever. The fabric quality is amazing. Since I spend the majority of my life in fitness attire, these kinds of clothing really matter more to me than any other type. Strange, I know.

 We then headed down to Savannah to Huey’s on River Street for one of the best Bloody Mary’s I have ever had…

(Taken with the new camera)
Pickled okra, olives, cherry tomatoes, and Cajon spice…mmmmm!

More pictures with the new camera…people must have thought I was crazy playing with the camera as much as I did…



After reviewing the menu at Huey’s we decided we would migrate to a new spot for dinner. Although it looked great, there was not one vegan option on there. I was fine with doing a little walking since we had been sitting for so long anyways, so  I used to find a vegetarian/vegan friendly spot: Ruan Thai Cuisine. We were so thankful to have tried out this place: it was absolutely delicious and VERY vegan friendly.

Our server was so kind and actually very interested in a vegan diet.  He said that next time we visit there, he would most likely be a vegan too!  He was very curious about why I was a vegan, my thoughts on meat, and if I found it hard to eat this way. Being from Bulgaria, he said that meat was a large staple in every meal, so the hardest part for him would just be the mental aspect of it.  I love meeting and talking to like-minded people!

I had the Holy Basil with vegetables, black and white rice…

It was a perfect birthday meal!

After dinner, we did a little more walking through Savannah and then returned back to the ‘Boro to crash after a long but wonderful day!

Gunner was just as excited to sleep as me :-)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Good health!

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  1. Brooke permalink
    May 8, 2012 1:49 pm

    Happy Birthday! I also live in my fitness clothes and I love Lululemon. BTW love the new camera, what kind did you get? I’m asking for one every time we go near a Best Buy.

    • Ashley Harper Evans permalink*
      May 9, 2012 11:25 am

      Thank you!! :Lululemon is the best! It is the Canon Rebel…loving it already! I was in desperate need haha as I’m sure you’ve noticed! Now I just have to work on my skills

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