Fitness is a Priority: M100s and Running.

by Ashley on March 23, 2012

Hi friends! I write to you again from the back seat of a university van, this time just east of Hattiesburg, MS.  We are headed home from the Gulf South Summit. Our presentation went great and everyone was very interested in what we had to say.  I attended a few awesome presentations, as well as a few not so awesome presentations but regardless, learned a lot.

My professor and me

The two other student presenters and myself

As I mentioned in my post on Wednesday, it was a goal of mine to squeeze in a work out some time throughout that day.

Tuesday night we stayed in a very nice hotel somewhere just outside of Birmingham, AL, and judging by the hotel, I’m sure the fitness center was just as nice.  Our departure time was 7 am Wednesday morning so that would have meant me waking up at 5 if I had planned on working out there. I knew we would have free time later in the day so I choose sleep over the early morning workout, but boy, did I regret that.

After arriving at our new less luxurious hotel in Hattiesburg, I threw on my gym clothes and navigated my way through the hotel until I found the fitness center. Dis.a.point.ment. There were two cardio machines: a broken elliptical and an occupied bike. Oh yeah, and a bow flex, can’t forget that stellar machine.

I immediately knew a “hotel room” workout would have to do.

Fourty minutes and numerous google searches later, I was drenched in sweat, and finally completed my afternoon workout. To end my workout, I remembered something that my husband introduced me to few weeks earlier, M100s.

Now let me please introduce them to you.

M = mandatory, because you can’t stop/all reps are mandatory

100 = 10 burpees + 10 mountain climbers + 10 air jump squats +  10 burpees + 10 mountain climbers + 10 air jump squats +  10 burpees + 10 mountain climbers + 10 air squats + 10 burpees

You can check out a video here (yes, it is called Insane Cardio Workout for Ninjas, and yes, I might be a ninja).

Simple to write, killer to complete.  If you’re looking for a fast, effective cardio workout, I encourage you to give that a try!

Although I loved that workout, repeating it day after day, for me, wasn’t ideal, especially one month away from my half marathon. I wanted nothing more to be able to take a run Thursday or even Friday too. As we were leaving the hotel to head to the conference Tuesday evening, I checked out the surrounding area, and unfortunately not only was it a busy four lane road (not ideal for running), but I was also told that we “weren’t in the best part of town.”

Can you sense my frustration growing?

Tuesday at dinner, I overheard two of the facility/staff talking about an awesome trail right near the University of Southern Mississippi campus that they maybe wanted to try out. I was like a little kid on Christmas morning! Oooo, take me, take me! And they did 🙂

Thursday morning we headed out around 5:30 and ran approximately 6.5 in the POURING DOWN RAIN. It was an absolute blast! It was honestly as if I was frolicking through puddle after puddle, but wearing my Vibrams so it was all okay! The rest of our crew was asking the three of us how it went and our response was all the same, “So fun!” No one understood how in the world it was fun to distance run at 5:30 am, in the pouring down rain, but that’s exactly what it was. When your itching to run, nothing can stop you! Have you ever had this feeling before, or is it just me??

I kind of thought that run would be the only one I was able to get in while out-of-town, but happily, I was very wrong. One of the professors and I hit the trail again this morning, going a little further this time, just over 10. Again, such a fun run.

Overall, my trip to Hattiesburg has been a blast, I’ve met a lot of neat people, engaged in awesome conversation, run in the rain and shine, and eaten plenty of fruits and veggies, definitely important.

We have a long eleven hours ahead of us, but after that run this morning, I plan on sleeping for a lot of this ride. I am so excited to see the hubs, play with the pups, and eat home cooked food!

I hope you have a wonderful afternoon!

Good health!

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