by Ashley on May 17, 2011

24? Really? Where does the time go? A couple of weekends I celebrated my 24th birthday, which seems too unreal to even type.  The night before my birthday Dustin said to me, “Wow. You know, I’ve really watched you grow up (complete sarcasm in his voice).  I’ve seen you go from 18 to 24 in years, but really, I’ve seen you age about 30 years.”  Geez, Dust, what a compliment. Whatevvvvvv.

At 18, I’ll admit I was LOST.  I had not a clue who I was or what I believed in.   I thought that all of the differences in me were bad things, rather than what made me me.  Thankfully, however, through my relationship with God, I have learned that it’s our differences that make us lovable, that make us unique, and that make us us.  

The month of May has been amazing and I know it is only because of this relationship that Dustin and I share with our Jesus Christ.

Where to begin?

Early May, the 7th to be exact, I celebrated 24 years like I said above.  My family was wonderful, as always, and sent me down a big package, that I just couldn’t wait to tear into.  

I opened it, and this:

A fan? I don’t remember telling my mom that I needed a fan, but I guess I did! No, no, not so much…it was just the box!  Opened it up and viola! So many gifts!

Dustin’s parents know me too well.  They sent me an Organic Fruit Basket from Cherry Moon Farms out in California.  It was full of bananas, oranges, pears, kiwis, and apples. 

My brother Cullen and I have an ongoing joke about my beloved, quinoa.  I think he would rather not eat than have to eat it, but little does he know, I sneak it into many of the meals he eats when I am at home.  Got cha!  While Cullen and Jodi were in Charleston the weekend before my birthday, they looked down and were surprised delighted to see, a bottle of quinoa shampoo, so of course they brought some to me!  They were totally kidding, but I loved the joke!

Dustin made my day wonderful, just as all of the years past, and took me to my favorite restaurant in Savannah, Cha Bella, an organic/seasonal spot located close to River Street.  It was delicious!  He also surprised me with a Lulu lemon top and capris (something he knows that I would have never bought for myself!) and massage to be waiting for me after my finals were over.  

We also saw the Rome Braves play the Savannah Sand Gnats in Savannah before dinner!  His good friend that he rehabbed almost the entire time we were in Orlando was pitching that night too! It was awesome to see him again!

The Sunday following my birthday on Saturday, unfortunately all I could do was study.  With two cumulative finals on Monday, Anatomy on Tuesday, and a last one one Wednesday, the second week of May, looked a lot like this.

As finals came to a wrap and studying was finally over (temporarily), I learned that my hard work paid off and I made a 4.0 for the spring semester.  Crazy how different school is when you’re actually interested.  

Once finals ended, I headed home to spend some time with my family and to celebrate one of my best friends 24th birthday as well, something we’ve been able to do our entire lives!

Some of the group inside Celler 56 a tapas restaurant in Buckhead, GA.  We had a wonderful time; I’m so sad that it has already come and gone!

On my way back to Statesboro, I picked up our new puppy Gunner from the Atlanta Airport, only to add chaos to our lives, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Also, just recently, another one of mine and Dustin’s best friends, announced they would be having a baby some time in November! It is the perfect timing and we could be any more happy for them!

To add to the greatness, Dustin’s college roommate found out that he had been called up from the AAA Royals team to the big league team in Kansas City; wow, I can only imagine his nerves! Go Everett!

And now here I sit today, only about two thirds of the way through May and I really didn’t think that this month could get much better.  But as always, God’s surprises us and continues to bless us, each and everyday.  As Dustin and I were headed home from the gym this afternoon, I decided to check my e-mail, just because.  The e-mail that I clicked on happen to be a scholarship that I have been awarded for this summer, coming from a loving couple here in Statesboro, that once stood in mine and Dustin’s shoes.  The scholarship has one stipulation, a very touching one at that.  In the e-mail, I was told that one day I must pass it on.  Pass on the act of kindness and generosity that this couple has shown me.  What an honor to even be able to do that.

God, you are always so good!

A rainbow was in the sky as I pulled back into Statesboro yesterday.  

And lastly, I wrote this post a few hours ago, before Dustin and I went to Mellow Mushroom to grab dinner, in hopes to catch the KC Royals game.  We ordered the Cheeseless Mega-Veggie Pizza and when our bill came, there was no pizza on it.  They gave it to us for free because it “took too long.”  aMAYzing.

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