Processed Food Challenge Preparation

by Ashley on October 2, 2010

Who needs processed foods when you can get ALL of this from your local market, we’ll mine anyways?  In my quest to meet my October Challenge, giving up ALL processed foods, staying prepared is always important in finding success.

After the race this morning (which went great!), I stopped by the market to pick up some more fresh foods to really ensure that I get rid of the processed foods in my diet.

Pictured Above:

Baby Banana Nut Loaf- For Dustin, not me unfortunately, as I’m sure it contains milk.

Turnip Greens

Roasted Pepper Rigatoni- Fresh, preservative free pasta now @ the market, made in Savannah @ Frali Gourmet


Organic Free- Range Eggs

Pork Chops– Savanna River Farms; I have never tried them out before (SRF), but they look delicious.  A 20 acre farm located in Newington, GA, with free range pigs and hogs;  raised, of course, without antibiotics or artificial growth hormones.  That reminds me, Cullen thinks that Dustin and I are not going to have ‘good athlete’ kids because I won’t feed them ‘steroided’ meats.  He thinks our boys are going to be too skinny because of this; haha, at least our girls won’t have a problem with it.  I guess you can count me out for raising the big, offensive linemen, sorry dad.

Persimmons– I thought these were tomatoes at first so I told the man to give me 10 (to make tomato sauce).  I asked him if he cooked with them and he replied, “no, they get eaten up too fast.”  I mean I love tomatoes, but I’m probably not going to eat one like an apple, although I think my dad would.  He said, “There just so sweet, try one.”  I’ve had a tomato before, I believe you, sir.  But, I tried one anyways, and learned that, no, it was not a tomato, a different kind of fruit, rather, a persimmon.

Goats Milk Soap– Good for sensitive, dry skin, free of fragrance, dyes, etc.  This reminds me also of a conversation I had with Dustin the other day.  He took it upon himself to start a load of laundry the other day (He’s learning! Hopefully, soon, he will think this is a man’s job… but I won’t hold my breath).  He said, “Are we really using organic laundry detergent?”  I thought this was funny.  No, it’s not organic, just also, free of dyes, fragrance, etc.  He said, “WHY?” Because Dustin, as I’m learning in Anatomy (applying my knowledge), our skin is permeable, meaning harmful poisons, drugs, and chemicals can enter our bodies through it.  And also, I just wanted to help this little lady’s business out.

Yellow Cherry Tomatoes– From my favorite farmer, Al Clark, @ Clark and Son’s Organics.

Sweet Potato


That right there = good eats! Enjoy your Saturday, isn’t it beautiful?

One more October goal/challenge: blog more.  I’m not going to stop living and doing what I love just because I’m ‘too’ busy.  ”Life happens when you are busy planning other things.”  As I plan other things (my future: by going back to school), life is still happening, so I must live it and never forget it!

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