by Ashley on February 17, 2010

I absolutely love the state of Louisiana for some reason, maybe it was the urge I had to attend LSU after my senior year of high school or my compassion towards the city of New Orleans, either way I oddly love the state.  I love the Saints, the Tigers, Bourbon Street, Baton Rouge, and I especially love the LSU Golden Girls – the school’s dance team.  I think it was the Golden Grils that actually started my love for the state.  As a high school girl, I wanted to be a Golden Girl so badly, but thanks to out of state college tuition I never was. For years Dustin and I have wanted to visit New Orleans for Mardi Gras, but every year so far, Dustin’s spring training report date has brought us south rather than west.

So anyways, last night we celebrated Fat Tuesday right here in Orlando, since we couldn’t be on Bourbon Street to celebrate physically.  One of Dustin’s teammates, a true Louisiana boy, come over and showed us how it’s done on the Bayou.  Normally, I am the make-shift cook around here, cooking as healthily as possible, so it was a nice change to see a guy come in and “man the kitchen.”

When I asked, “What’s for dinner?” the response I received sounded as French as could be, “Étouffée!” “Ed what?” I replied.  “No, ETouffee,” I was told.  Whatever it was, it sounded great to me.  Later, I learned more about the Cajun dish and I also learned how delicious it was!  A mixture of shrimp, stewed tomatoes, rice, lots of BUTTER (ahh), and other things, but it was oh so good!  J.C., the chef, was telling me that he added a secret ingredient to it that made it even better, which was a stick of Velveeta cheese.  Being lactose intolerant, I had to have mine without, but to me, it was super tasty without it!

To top off our Creole dish we of course had to have something to wash it down.  J.C. taught us that a “Hurricane” is a popular choice among the Louisianians.  We used one part Pat O’Briens Hurricane mix, one part dark rum, and a squeeze of lemon juice, not a “Skinny Girl” drink, but a great addition to our truly FAT 😉 Tuesday.

The only thing we were missing from our celebration were Mardi Gras beads, a little Jazz music and Beignets for breakfast this morning!

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