An Asheville Getaway + Restaurant Reviews

by Ashley on July 26, 2013

She’s backkkkkk. My cooking inspiration that is! I’ve already been at it this morning in the kitchen testing out a recipe that I wanted to share with you guys, but I messed it up just slightlyyyy so I’m going to wait until next week once I get it right! (No one said my kitchen skills were back.) 😉

Anyway, on to more Asheville talk as I prepared you for yesterday.

I’ve been wanting to visit Asheville for quite some time now. I’ve had numerous people tell me that it is my kind of city and they couldn’t have been more right. Everywhere I look and listen lately, I’ve been hearing people talk about the cool city so it was only fitting that since we were already in Greenville that we just make the hour ride up… so we did!


After the short car ride up and over, we checked into the beautiful Bohemian Hotel, which was directly across the street from the Biltmore and we didn’t even know it.


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After checking in, we headed straight downtown to see what the buzz was all about. After reading a few online reviews, we decided to check out Early Girl Eatery for lunch, “a farm to table southern comfort food experience.”


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We certainly weren’t disappointed. We started lunch with a tasty mimosa and after a quick glance of the menu the Vegan Bean Burger with Cucumber and Onion Salad was calling my name.

early girl eatery After a quick return to the hotel to shower up for dinner, we headed back to the downtown scene for more exploring, food and fun.

After several recommendations, our first stop was at Wicked Weed Brewery for what turned out to be much more than just a beer.


You might already know or have already realized that I am not a huge beer fan. Not because I think it’s “unhealthy” (alcohol is alcohol) but I just don’t love the taste. Maybe if I’m sitting on a hot beach or after I’ve been working outside on a hot summer day, but other than that I’m definitely not a preferred beer drinker. However, the Wicked Weed menu certainly changed my mind. With beers titled the “Coolcumber,” “The Beets Within” and the “Empress Honeydew Tripel” you know I was an easy sell. We tried both the “Coolcumber” featuring cucumbers, basil and juniper berries and the “Empress Honeydew Tripel” infused with over 10 pounds of honeydew while brewing. Both were equally delicious.


Following Wicked Weed, we walked around and explored downtown Asheville until we finally worked up a dinner appetite. As recommended per the bellman at the Bohemian, we made our way over to Rosetta’s Whole Foods Kitchen and Cafe. Once we finally found the hidden back door, we almost didn’t go in because of the closed-looking, dark atmosphere. Boy am I glad we made our way through that dark door and up that dark stairwell.


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See what I mean? That’s it under the purple awning. It definitely didn’t scream, “Come in for great food!”

Never judge a book by it’s cover though, right? This place was amazing.

Completely vegetarian, and very vegan friendly, Rosetta’s speaks to a (from the website), “constant flow of creative souls of a wide spectrum, foodies, health nuts, vegans, vegetarians, and curious tourists.”


It took me quite some time to figure out what to order since I’m not used to having so many options, but I finally settled on the Buddha Bowl featuring an organic spring mix, organic brown long-grain rice, sea veggie salad, tomatoes, avocado, organic smoked tofu topped with a sweet tangy tahini BBQ sauce and sprouts, as well as a bowl of kimchi on the side. The hub went with the House Veggie Burger with housemade organic ketchup and a bowl of the Hearty Chili on the side. Both were out of this world delicious!


Following dinner, we did a little more exploring of the town and decided to walk the two miles back to the hotel after a day of good eats and cold drinks!


You’re so right Ashevlle: Love is all you need.

We woke up the following morning ready to do it again. In preparation for what was to come, a very small breakfast was welcomed before our days journey began again. After reading about the Laughing Seed from Jen on Peanut Butter Runner a few weeks ago, I knew this was a place I couldn’t miss out on during our short trip.


The husband was an excellent trooper and let the vegan food excitement continue.


He’s seriously the most supportive guy I could have ever dreamed of finding. He’s pretty awesome to say the least. 🙂


We started with a Buchi Water Draft (fresh kombucha) and a Greener Warrior (kale, celery, cucumber, and apple) Live Juice.


Housemade Hummus of the Day with Pita Points to follow.


Raw Vegan Spinach-Pesto Manicotti for me.


And the Omega Hempnut Burger on a housemade bun with Black-eyed Pea Tomato soup for the hub.

Holy moly! So much good food! The fun didn’t stop there, however, following lunch we ventured over to tour the Biltmore but I will save that for another day! We’re back on the road today so I have lots of packing and unpacking to do!

I hope you have an awesome weekend!

Good health!


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