And Then There Were… Four!

by Ashley on January 28, 2012

Hi there and happy Saturday! I’m so happy it’s finally the weekend. It’s be unusually hard for me to get back of the swing of things down here in the ‘Boro. One day at a time however. We are having a pretty relaxing weekend. We went to dinner with some friends last night, have massage appointments and a long run scheduled for today (the weather is amazing!), and church and yoga on the schedule for tomorrow.  I’m going to try to get a little bit more accomplished on my internship applications as well, which are due just around the corner on February 15! NERVOUSSSSSS.

But anyways, as posted on my New Years Resolutions post, one of my goals this year was to complete at least two fitness challenges: one cardio/endurance and one strength/yoga related. I’ve finally set in stone my cardio goal, wahoo!

Pull in the title of this post…”And then there were four.”

Ashley + Jeff (my dad) + Casey + Jodi…+YOU!!!

Casey, Jeffery (newly engaged!) and I at a GSU football game this past fall, 2011.

My dad and I at our Engagement Party in 2008.

Jodi and I on Folly Beach in Charleston, SC last summer, 2011.

We’re going to be running machines!

Two years ago when I turned my running into a little bit more than simply leaisure, I ran my first half marathon with my Dad. It was awesome. The next year, we signed up for the same Thanksgiving day race together together, yet an over training plan lead me to a stress fracture in my ankle and a lot of eating on Thanksgiving day (minus 13.1 miles for me, plus 13.1 for my Dad). Not a happy camper. The following year, 2011, my Dad and I signed up for the Savannah Rock and Roll Marathon together. He had already completed a marathon years before, but he wanted me be there for me on the day that I completed my first; what an awesome dad. Kill yourself to watch your daughter kill herself 😉 Love you, Dad! Totally kidding but that’s what it felt like at the time. Unfortunately, an injury kept him from running that race with me.

We’re hoping for a different ending to our story come April!

The four of us (listed above) are running the ZOOMAAtlanta Half Marathon on April 22. The race kicks of at the Lake Lanier Islands Resort in Buford, GA and is going to be a beautiful Sunday morning run.

So why does that list include you? Because we’re recruiting 😉 Totally kidding but really if your looking for an incredible goal to challenge yourself this 2012 we would love to add more runners to our group! There is plenty of time to train, even if you’ve never run more than a 5k.

You can register here if so and also enter the code ATLCON3 for $10 off.  Also, registration goes up $10 bucks on January 29 (this coming Thursday).

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Good health!


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