The Honky Tonk Blues… No Thanks

by Ashley on October 7, 2011

There are many benefits to marrying a “country boy,” however, sharing an iTunes account when you’re training for a marathon isn’t one of them.  I like pretty much all music, and don’t get me wrong Dustin does too, but there is one genre we just can’t agree upon: old, honky tonk country.  I just don’t understand it.

Today during the fourth to last long run (14 mi.) of my training program, iTunes just wasn’t on my team.  Sometimes, early on in my run, I am able to text and run at the same time (totally concentrated on my run), so I texted Dustin what was happening to me…

I swear out of the 987,450 songs on our iTunes, nothing but Hank Williams Junior, Waylon Jennings, and even Sevendust seemed to come up.  “Tear In My Beer? Honky Tonk Women? Born to Boogie?” Talk about miserable.  Looking down at my iPhone, seeing images like this really doesn’t do much for me…

If I never have to see this photo again, I’ll be okay.

That being said, I better start working on a playlist for my marathon just 4 short weeks ahead!

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