2010 Recap

by Ashley on December 29, 2010

2010 came and went just like every year does.  It really is true, the older you get the quicker time flies.  For Dustin and I, 2010 was a year of new experiences and learning — together.  Dustin faced one of his hardest days, the day he was forced to let go of baseball; but as always, God has proven there are bigger and better things out there for him. 

2010 was a year spent on our toes.  We lived in six different houses and even out of suitcases in some of them; we’ve learned to NEVER get too comfortable.  But just as I knew, when God closes one door, he ALWAYS opens another.

January 2010 was a pretty relaxing month for the two of us — at this point we were living in our loft in Cartersville, GA spending as much time with our friends and family because of what we thought the rest of 2010 would hold for us: minor league living, traveling from city to city and hopefully ending 2010 in another country while Dustin played winter ball.  The weekend before moving day, I took a trip to San Antonio, TX to visit a dear friend, Lindsay.

At Gruene Dance Hall in New Braunfels, TX.

At the end of January/ early February we moved to Orlando, FL, spending our first week or two living in a hotel, and later to move into Reunion, a community-like resort area, located just outside of Orlando.

March 2010, thankfully, got a little busier.  Spring training started for Dustin and I found a two beautiful families to babysit for.  March was also the month that I started this blog; this would be my way to reach my family and friends in order to show them what we were up to and how we were spending our time.

April 2010 came along with a little disappointment.  Spring Training was over for everyone else, rosters were made, but Dustin was no where near game ready or even halfway healthy.  We found another place to live since our roommates (two other couples) were moving on and carried on in Orlando just the two of us.

By the time May rolled around we knew that the 2010 baseball season wasn’t going to at all what we had expected or hoped for.  Dustin’s goal was to show the Braves management that he still had it this season in hopes to make the 40 man roster in 2011.  We celebrated my birthday this month and tried to find other things to focus on rather than baseball.

June 2010 came along with the heat that Central Florida is known for.  I spent most of these days by the pool reading about, usually, nutrition soaking up anything I could.  I dreamed about going back to school so that I could get a dietitics degree and then my R.D., but I knew as long as Dustin was playing baseball I would be just that, a traveling baseball wife, always supporting my husband.  No complaints there!  Like I’ve always heard, be careful what you wish for! 

One of our days, relaxing by the pool!

My mom and little sister, Cameron, came in June to visit us which really helped take our minds off of baseball, atleast mine anyways. The end of June is when Dustin decided that his arm couldn’t do it anymore; the pain out weighed the dream and there was nothing he could do about it.

July 2010 was a month spent in pure limbo. We lived with my parents in Alpharetta, GA trying to figure out what in the world we would do next; there’s nothing like trying to plan out the rest of your life in one month, however, I’d say we did the best we could.  No, we didn’t plan out the rest of our life but we did atleast figure out the next step — back to school we would go!

In August 2010 we moved back to our old stomping grounds, Statesboro, GA, to both work toward different degrees.  Since Dustin was drafted after his junior year, he still had a few more semesters left and I would work toward a second degree.  We found ourselves back in an old, familiar town, however, nothing seemed familiar at all.

Also in August, I took my first trip ever to Las Vegas for one of my best friend’s bachelorette party.

Picture taken outside of the Bellagio Hotel.

September was a busy month.  Dustin traveled to Charleston, SC to celebrate Caleb’s (Taylor’s now husband) bachelor party, my family and I hosted a Fiesta Wedding shower for Taylor and Caleb, and then it was wedding time at the Biltmore Hotel in Atlanta, GA.

Everyone (except Matt) at the wedding!

October and November  came and went so fast it’s honestly hard to remember what exactly we did; no wait, I remember we STUDIED! We spent these two months trying to figure out how in the world we did it the first time; college is much easier when your only goal is to keep the HOPE scholarship.

And now here we are, December, what a wonderful month.  Early December we spent craming for finals, and our hard work paid off; we both made well above 3.0 GPAs which was very reliving after such a tough semester.  I was named president of the Georgia Southern Student Dietitics Association which will allow me to help spread the importance of nutrition across the GSU campus.

After finals we headed back to the Altanta area to spend time with our families and friends.  We spent a week with two of our great Braves friends, Jonny and Viviana, in Gwinnett at their beautiful home.  Together we traveled up to 74 Ranch in Jasper, GA to ride horses and experience the cowboy life, as Dustin and Jonny like to call it.  Unfortunately, the weather didn’t allow us to ride horses, but we still had a great night catching up and sharing stories of the past year.

Viv and I up at 74 Ranch.

The next week we spent time in Savannah, GA celebrating our two year anniversary.  We spent Christmas sharing time between my parents house and Dustin’s house and then traveled up to Gatlinburg, TN on Christmas day afternoon.  We hiked through snow, played cards, enjoyed the hot tub, watched football, grilled, and started a wonderful book titled, Living on the Edge.  Dustin and I decided to read it together as it discusses something we both struggle with: having true spirituality in a world constantly pulling us in the opposite direction. 

Lots of snow!

2010 was a year to definitely remeber and I pray that 2011 offers as many or more happy memories to hold on to forever!  Happy New Year, almost!

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