August Goals + Introducing My Tip of the Week

by Ashley on August 2, 2010

Since today is August 2nd and the start of the month,  I see today as a perfect day to talk about goals.  Goals to me are a challenge, and challenges make me nervous eager.  I like to know that I am always more capable of what I am currently doing.  I like to set my standards high in hopes of always being better tomorrow than I am today.

‘New Years Resolutions’ are kind of like yearly goals, which I often make, but the only one I have ever made and kept is giving up ‘soda.’ It started as a one year deal in 2008, but turned into a permanent thing the more I dove into nutrition.

The past few months I have been making monthly goals.  I really like monthly goals better than any kind of yearly goal because monthly goals are easier to track;  I like to see the progress I am making it.  I can always remember if I have done or haven’t done something within the past month much better than in the past year.

According to statistics, people that write their goals down have a much higher chance of actually completing them.  So with that being said, here are my August goals.  Please feel free to send me back your monthly goals, that way we can hold each other accountable.

  1.  Spend time with God everyday.  Complete some kind of Bible study, even if it’s just reading a verse or two.  How can I know God if I don’t spend time with Him?
  2.  Pray with Dustin.  Studies have shown that couples that pray together stay together.
  3.  Never over- indulge in anything, less is always more.
  4.  Kitchen closed after dinner.  I’m not hungry, I’m bored, I need to find something better to do with my time.

I’ve been wanting to publicize my goals for a long time and am so happy to finally have done it!

Also, a dear friend of mine, Lindsay, suggested that I start posting a nutrition tip of the week, so starting this week I will be doing just that!  This will not only help me but I hope will help you too!

Happy Monday friends, we’re headed to see Dinner With Schmucks!  I’m really going to miss my family come Friday!!

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